JW Barbecue and  Wings - Pitmaster/ KCBS Judge /BBQ Instructor
It's here!!!, Pitmaster JW BBQ Cooking Classes. Want to learn how to Smoke and Grill like a real Pitmaster or just learn the basic Art or Grilling and Prep'n.

I can help you take your knowledge of just firing up the Grill to a whole new level starting with selecting the right meat, prep'n, brining, seasoning, and more.
Available to come to you for an additional fee. Personal and Group Classes available by appointment.

.... and yes, I do travel.

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        JW BBQ Chicken Basic BBQ Class 101
                 Estimate Time: 2 hrs 30 minutes
This Class is for beginners and Backyard Cookers that would like to learn the basic of Grilling and Smoking or expand their knowledge of Barbecuing Professional Chicken.
The things that you will learn in this Class will be:
1.    Items that you will need to Pref and cook your chicken.
2.    How to select the right Chicken.
3.    Trimming.
4.    Seasoning, Injecting and Brining.
5.    How to start up your Charcoals or use of your Pellet Smoker.
6.    Proper Cooking Temperature and finishing target temp.
7.    How to maintain a safe holding temp until ready to serve.
I will supply the Chicken, Seasoning, Injection and Brine, the Charcoals or Pellets, and Pref items, the Grill or Smoker for that day use. All you have to do is be on time because the class will start on time.
Class Fee is: $40.00 per person    Payment is due in advance
Available to individual or group class
Discount Group Fee for 1 to 10 individuals is $35.00 per person
 JW Pork (Boston Butt) Basic BBQ Class 101
                 Estimate Time: 6 hrs 30 minutes

Class Fee: $50.00 per person.   
Discount Group Fee 1 to 10 individuals is $45.00 per person

Learn how to trim, mold your money muscle and other parts of the Butt such as the Horn, the tudes and the Bacon, the proper temperature to smoke a Boston Butt, how to seasoned, inject and Pulled and Slice the Money Muscle.
Best of all you get to taste and take some home.

JW Smoked BBQ Ribs (Spare Ribs or Baby Back) Basic BBQ Class 101
                 Estimate Time: 5 to 6 Hrs

Class Fee: $50.00 per person
Discount Group Fee 1 to 10 individuals is $45.00 per person

Learn how to select a nice rack of Spare Ribs whether whole Rack or St. Louis. You also will learn how to trim, how to remove the membrane, how to inject if and where if you want to inject your Ribs or not, how to add your rub, how long should you cook them and at what temp, how to wrap them and slice when their done. 
JW Basic Competition Beef Brisket Class 101
                 Estimate Time: 6 to 8 hrs

Class Fee: $85.00 per person
Discount Group Fee 1 to 10 individuals is $75.00 per person

This is the toughest piece of meat that you will encounter but if cook right it can be the most juicy and tender piece a meat that you will look forward to eating again. Yes its a long and so process but if done right it will be worth every minute that you put into it.

Learn how to select a good quality Brisket, how to properly trim a Brisket, how to inject a Brisket, Seasoned, how to Smoke a Brisket, the proper temperature, the best type of wood or pellets for the best flavor result. When to wrap or not and when and how to tell if your Brisket is done and how to let your Brisket rest and slice after,


If you like to arrange a personal class in the near future, please give me a call so i can arrange a date and time that we can get together. 
Pitmaster JW (To be one is to teach a future one)
JW Barbecue And Wings
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