JW Barbecue and Wings - Menu & Prices - SUFFOLK, VA
JW Barbecue and  Wings - Pitmaster/ KCBS Judge /BBQ Instructor
Please contact me first before placing a request to make sure i am available. 
"I do not own or run a restaurant".

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Fee for Smoking a Butt or Turkey $35.00
If you bring me your Boston Butt or Turkey, un-frozen, I will Smoke it for you and have it back the next day or that afternoon depending on when you drop it off for just $35.00 ea.
Price: $35.00
Smoke a Turkey 25.00:
JW BBQ Ribs and Steak Seasoning
This is the same Dry Rub that I use on my Ribs and Steaks, and if you have ever had any of my Ribs then you know just how good this Rub is. 5 oz. which will cover 2 to 3 slabs of Ribs easily.
Price: $4.75
JW BBQ Ribs and Steak Seasoning 3.75:
JW Pulled Pork Bbq Sauce
This is my very own home made signature Pulled Pork barbecue Sauce. If you have ever had or know someone that has had some of my Bbq before then you know just how good my Sauce is. I personally made this Sauce for my Pulled Pork Bbq but it can be use on anything that you Barbecue, it comes in a 6 0unce bottle that would seasoned up to 2 lbs. of Bbq easily. Price: 3.75 a Bottle
Price: $3.75
JW Pulled Pork BBQ 10.00 a Lb,
Why travel to N.C. when you can get that Carolina Style BBQ right here.Stop by and pick up you a bag today.Please call first to make sure I have some on hand.Only $10.00 a pound.
Price: $10.00
JW Smoked Baby Back Ribs 22.00 a Rack
These Ribs are slow smoked for hours until almost falling off the bone, then Glazed with my very own home made Peach Bourbon Glaze that will have you licking your fingers.
Price: 22.00
Spare Ribs; 26.00
Price: $22.00
Smoked Baby Back Ribs 22.00:
JW Smoked Buffalo Whole Hot Wings 10 for 17.50
We all love Hot Wings but have you ever had Buffalo Wings smoked before with that nice hint of Hickory Smoke with a nice Sweet N Spicy Buffalo Glaze to finish them off. You will want them again once you try it.
Price: $17.50
JW Texas Style Smoked Brisket 15.00 a lb.
If you love Brisket or better yet never had a Beef Smoked Brisket before, you are truly in for a treat. I used a home made Texas Style Rub on my Brisket, then let it smoke low and slow for sometimes 10 to 12 hours easily to get that nice lovely bark and smoke rings, plus that tender and juicy slices of Brisket that make you want more and more.
Don't just take my word, try it for yourself for just 15.00 a lb.
minimum 2 lbs. per order.
Price: $30.00
JW Mild, Hot or Blazin' Buffalo Winglets 9.25 for 10
Finger licking good regardless of flavor.
Price: $9.25
JW Smoked Mac N Cheese 12.50 a Half Foil Pan
Yes that's right Smoked Mac N Cheese. Just like you would make it at home but in this case smoked over a nice hot fire with Hickory flavor Pellets or Charcoals.
Price: $12.50
JW Smoked Mac N Cheese:
JW Smoked Pork Tenderloin average 4 lbs 22.00
Seasoned with my very own Pork Rub then slowly Smoke until a nice Bark set in, never dry, always moist and tender.
Price: $22.00
JW Spaghetti Pasta Salad 1 Qt. for $10.00
JW Spaghetti Pasta Salad 1 Qt. for $10.00
This Pasta Salad will go well with any meal, better yet just by itself.
It consist of Green, Red, Orange and Yellow Bell Peppers, Cucumbers, Carrots, Tomatoes, Spaghetti and a well blend seasoning of herds and spice and sauce of mine.
Price: $10.00