JW Barbecue and Wings - Menu & Prices - SUFFOLK, VA
JW Barbecue and  Wings - Pitmaster/ Judge /BBQ Instructor
Serving Va. and N. Carolina. Please contact me first before placing a request to make sure i am available to feel your request.I do not run a restaurant. Payment must be made in advance
...Paypal Service available. I accept all  major Credit and Debit cards.
                     Planning something special, email me your request and I will get back to you with a price quote as soon as possible.

1 Pound of JW Pulled Pork BBQ 10.00
Why travel to N.C. when you can get that Carolina Style BBQ right here.Stop by and pick up you a bag today.Please call first to make sure I have some on hand.Only $10.00 a pound.
Price: $10.00
1 Pound of BBQ $10.00:
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JW Sweet and SpicySouthern Comfort Hot Winglets 10 pcs for 9.75
Hot Wings, once you had one you're want more for sure. Available in Mild, Hot and Sweet and Spicy. Then there's my house special wings that i call my "Time Delayed Wings" there's only 3 words to describe them "HOT HOT HOT" whole wings1.25 a pc. Ranch Dressing included.
Price: $9.75
JW Sweet and Spicy Southern Comfort Hot or Mild Winglets 10 for 9.75:
JW Southern Deep Fried Chicken Winglets 10 pcs for 8.75
JW Southern Deep Fried Chicken Winglets, available in Original, Garlic, Lemon Honey, Hot and Spicy or Teriyaki flavor. Ranch Dressing included.
Price: $8.75
JW Deep Fried Spicy Wings:
JW Beer Battered Fried Jalapeno' Pepper Hushpuppies
12 for $3.00, also available in sweet and onion flavor.
Price: $3.00
JW Hushpuppies, Jalapeno, Sweet Onion or Plain:
JW Carolina Style Sweet N Spicy Coleslaw or Regular Coleslaw 5.00 a half qt.
This Coleslaw you can eat it by itself.It consist of Cabbage, Carrots, Onions, Mayo, Mustard and acouple of other items to give it that Home made Carolina Coleslaw taste. Sold by the pint for just $5.00 a pint, $10.00 a Qt.
Price: $5.00
JW Sweet N Spicy Coleslaw:
JW Home made Pulled Pork BBQ Sauce
Try some on your Pork the next time you cookout. I personally make my own sauce. If you ever had any of my BBQ then you know its good.Pick up a bottle or 2 today for just $5.00 for a 12 ounce bottle, enough to cover 4 lbs to 5 lbs. pork easily.
Price: $5.00
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JW Carolina Style Brunswick Stew 10.00 a Quart
Eat your heart out N.C. because I'm serving it up here just like I use to make back in North Carolina.Try some for yourself,and if you come across some that's better,let me know because i like to get some too.Just $10.00 a Qt.
Price: $10.00
JW Brunswick Stew:
JW Beer Battered Fried Broccoli
This is one of my favorite, fresh Broccoli season with my special ix and beer and then Deep Fried to a Golden crisy flake.Even those that say they do not like broccoli has ended up wanting more.Get yourself a batch and you're never eat broccoli the old way again.Just $15.00 for a batch that will served 6-8 individuals. Half Size Aluminum Foil Pan.
Price: $15.00
JW Beer BatteredFried Broccoli :
JW Stir Fried Spicy Green Beans 10.00
$10.00 a serving.1lb enough for(6-8 individuals) This is a conversation dish. It will have people not only talking about how good it is,but do you have anymore lefted.
Price: $10.00
JW Stir Fried Spicy Green Beans:
BBQ Smoked St. Louis Style Spare Ribs (Whole Rack) 26.00, Baby Back 22.00
1 whole rack of Pork Rbs slowly smoke for 4 to 5 hours in over Hickory Chips and then glaze with your favorite sauce such as, Honey Mustard, Hickory Spice, Sweet N Tangy and my very own Bourbon or Whiskey BBQ Sauce. ***Or, if you buy your own selected Rib or Ribs I will BBQ or Smoked it for you for $10.00 a Rack.
Price: $26.00
1 BBQ Smoked Spare Ribs Rack 26.00:
Hickory Smoked Grilled Winglets 10 pcs for 9.75
Seasoned with my very own seasoning mix and then Grilled over Hot Hickory Chips until their nice and juicy. No Bbq Sauce needed unless you just want to add it.What's a party or cookout without Winglets. Just $9.75 for 10 pcs.......
Price: $9.75
Grilled Crispy Hot Wings:
JW Southern Deep Fried Beer Battered Chicken Drums 6 pc. 8.75
6 juicy seasoned Chicken Drums Deep Fried in my very own Chicken seasoning mix with Beer to give it a taste you're want to continue eating them.
Price: $8.75
Fee for Smoking a Butt or Turkey $35.00
If you bring me your Boston Butt or Turkey, un-frozen, I will Smoke it for you and have it back the next day or that afternoon depending on when you drop it off for just $35.00 ea.
Price: $35.00
Smoke a Turkey 25.00:
JW Sweet and Spicy Meatballs 24 pc
For a nice party treat, try adding some of my Sweet N Spicy Meatball, add a little fire to your party, these are truly a conversation snack.
Price: $12.00
JW Sweet N Spicy Meatballs:
Chef JW Sweet N Spicy Lollipop Sweet n Spicy Honey Chicken Drumettes 10 pc for 10.75
Delicious Chicken Drummettes marinated then cooked and seasoned with my very own Sweet n Spicy Honey BBQ Sauce. Great party Snack or main course.
Price: $10.75
Chef JW Lollipop Chicken Drumlets:
Chef JW Cajun Seasoned BBQ Smoked Butterfly Cornish Hen 10.00 ea
Butterflied and Marinated in a Cajun Seasoning for hours then Slowly Smoked over Hickory Chip and then Glazed with or without my Home made BBQ Sauce. These Hens can be serve as whole, cut in half or slice into 4 individual pieces for serving.
Price: $10.00
JW BBQ Ribs and Steak Seasoning
This is the same Dry Rub that I use on my Ribs and Steaks, and if you have ever had any of my Ribs then you know just how good this Rub is. 2.5 oz. which will cover 2 to 3 slabs of Ribs easily.
Price: $4.75
JW BBQ Ribs and Steak Seasoning 3.75:
Too Smoke a Rack of Ribs $10.00 or Chicken
Yes I will personally BBQ or Smoke a Rack of Ribs for you for $10.00. All you have to do is purchase your own Slab or Slabs to your liking and paid for how many you need BBQ or Smoked and drop them off to me and I'll do the rest.
Price: $10.00
Smoked Ribs 10.00:
JW Home Made Signature Mac N Cheese
Nothing say Comfort Food more than some good home made Mac N Cheese. Made to please any mac n Cheese lover and topped and baked with Panko Bread Crumbs and even better the day after. Available by a half alumni foil pan for $12.50 or a whole pan which with easily feed up to 8 individuals for $25.00 a pan.
Price: $12.50
JW Home Made Signature mac N Cheese half Pan Size 12.50:
JW Country Style Collard Greens
Seasoned Fresh Collard Greens, never cooked from frozen bag or can Greens. Available by the quart.
Price: $8.75
Collard Greens Qt. 8.75:
JW Competition Smoked Beef Brisket...12.00 a Lb.
Cooked for hours long and slow with Apple and Oak Wood Chips then glaze with a very own Brisket Sauce. 12.00 a lb.
Price: $12.00
1 Lb. of Smoked Beef Brisket 12.00:
JW BBQ RUB (Limited time offer for 3.75)
A well balance mixture of Garlic Salt, Onion Powder, Celery Seed, Cayenne Pepper, Paprika, Black Pepper, Kosher Salt, Brown Salt and Cumin. Enough Rub to do 3 or 4 Spare Ribs or a Butt or 2 easily.
Price: $3.75
Fee to Smoke a Beef Brisket for you.... 35.00
That's right, I will personally Smoke your Brisket for you. All you have too do is bring it to me once I have agreed and set up a date for you and I will return to you a Juicy Smoked Competition Brisket.
Price: $35.00
JW Bourbon or Southern Comfort Smoked Honey Garlic Chicken Thighs 6 for... 2.75 ea.
Brine for 8 to 12 hours then Seasoned with my very own Chicken Rub and slowly Smoke for a few hours over wood chips then coated with a nice Sweet n Spicy or Mild Sauce depending on your choice, or just dry rub.
Price: $16.50
Hickory Bourbon Smoked Baked Beans...15.00 a Half Pan
JW Signature Slow Hickory Baked Beans with a Hint of Bourbon and a few other secret spices to give you a taste of Baked Beans like to never had before.
Price: $15.00
Bourbon Baked Beans Half Foil Pan 15.00:
JW Sweet Lemon Sage Boil Corn on the Cob 6 for 1.25 ea.
Sweet Yellow Corn on the Cob specially blended with a nice balance of Lemon and Sage Seasoning and Butter, or you will just Butter and Salt seasoned.
Price: $7.50
JW Mini Pulled Pork Bbq Chessy Quesadillas 6 for 7.50
Yes here it is finally, Mini Food Truck size Pulled Pork Bbq Chessy Quesadilla's. A Mini Floured Toasted Tortilla loaded with my Pulled Pork Bbq and layered with 3 blend of Cheese and a hint of my signature Pulled Pork Bbq Sauce.
Price: $7.50